Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I can't look at this picture of 9/11 without getting the hee-bee-gee-bees and feeling like my stomach is going to fall out of my butt. I shiver at the thought of all the lives lost, the rumors that were brought under speculation and the mess of war that was quickly declared and involved my own family. 

One of the 9/11 tributes that I saw tonight had footage from Time Square where people viewed the devastation happening blocks away on the screens of the megatrons. The footage was raw and emotional, reminding me of my reaction as a 7th grader. However, what shocked me the most about the footage was the consistent reaction of necessary revenge: "Lets go kill all those guys." "We need to go to war now, THEY did this to US, we need to go to blow all of them up."--- I'm not trying to be a pacifist and I know that justice through war is a real thing. But US vs. THEM. Does US stop with boarders or citizenship or beliefs? US vs. THEM. What about humanity? If we think in terms of humanity (whether you believe that we are all fallen or not), if THEY are included in the US of humanity, then are WE doing this to US?? Trading evil intent for evil justified..

All of this makes me wonder how the events of that day and attitudes that permeated from the aftermath have shaped my development as a person and a citizen. I wonder if this tragic event had never happened if I would be different. Or If I were born 10 years later, and unaware of the events of the day, would I be less effected or simply accepting that these things happen because I didn't remember a time before events like these were normal...

And then I have questions as to what this all means. Did the terrorist win on that day? Or Is the US win through the number of deaths through war since that day? What does this abstract idea of 'terrorism' really mean?

9/11 draws me back to the truest true. 

I don't think any of these things will fully make sense until that DAY, when Jesus restores all things. 
However, today I can know that the Lord is in control even while evil seems to be thriving...for a little while longer..

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