Friday, August 17, 2012


I haven’t blogged in 6 months… When did I lose my mind?

Maybe it fell out of the back of my head somewhere in between paying the bills, working with 40 screaming/ hurting kids, or fighting a bloody spiritual battle for our marriage…

Or maybe it’s just hard to be motivated to blog when you feel like you have nothing in your life ‘figured out’. 
No new revelations to share with the world.
No rhyme or reason to the season of life currently in.
Nothing holy enough to put in 12 pt font.
No short snippet of truth or social justicey issue to share and hope that everyone reading becomes consumed with firey passion for what is probably the most important anyone will ever read all day.

Perhaps this is prideful.
Perhaps I am numb.
Perhaps my mind is lost misplaced and needs to be unmisplaced.

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps….

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