Wednesday, January 25, 2012


this is Scout. our new puppy. he's 2 months old today and figuring out the world and his nose, which is much bigger than the rest of his body.

since getting Scout two weeks ago, i think Jay and i have turned into dog people. those people. i reach into my jacket pocket and pull out a hand full of dog treats. every piece of clothing i have now has little puppy hairs stuck to them. my day now consist of at least an hour of walking through the park. even in the rain.
one of the things that convinced Jay to get a dog (i've wanted one since the day after our wedding) was reading Living with Other Creatures, which exposes how some creatures weren't created for humans at all, (i.e. wasps), but only for God's glory through fulfilling their little animal, or insect, roles. also, [and probably the most convicting thing I've ever heard], the book said that animals help humans worship God, by turning humans away from their prideful selves.
humbling really, considering i have absolutely no control over this 9 lbs of teeth, curiosity, and cuteness. as crazy tree hugger, animistic as it sounds, our 8 week old puppy has definitely made me a more patient person and in turn, hopefully, a better reflection of our Creator.

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