Wednesday, January 25, 2012

two thousand eleven.

My 2011 consisted of:
  • Finishing my last college class for my degree.
  • Moving out of Shawnee and saying goodbye to OBU after 3 and 1/2 life-changing years.
  • Planning a wedding.
  • Substitute teaching at Jenks Middle School.
  • Multiple flights to Louisville and Mississippi.
  • A final father/daughter trip- surfing in Barbados.
  • Wedding showers and lots of love and support from my home church.
  • Moving 22 years of stuff to Kentucky.
  • Marrying my BEST FRIEND!!!
  • Surprise (perfect) honeymoon to northern California.
  • Steve and Hessica's wedding in the oklahoma mountains.
  • A ten-day trip to China with my husband and his mississippi church.
  • Honored to be a bridesmaid in Ocho and Anna's wedding in tejas.
  • Complete with an east to west drive across the state of Texas, discovering an old german town, horchata, and pig intestine tacos on the side of the road.
  • A very long Louisville summer: nannying, and coffee shop, 8am-11pm erryday.
  • Jay and I completing a Summer List of Fun including eating 100 ice pops, going to every museum in town, and sitting through 3 innings of a Louisville Bats game.
  • Cole Family reunion in Ohio.
  • Spontaneous road trip with my husby to ride our bikes around Chicago.
  • Continuous wise counsel from our friends the Noltemeyers.
  • Driving to ATL to see all of my sumo Oliver sisters in one place!
  • Dominating my first (and probably last), seminary class. hermeneutics.
  • A September trip to Oklahoma to cure my homesickness blues.
  • Working part-time at World Market for 4 weeks of my existance. that was enough.
  • 2,500 mile road trip over fall break+ a week long birthday celebration!
  • Getting to see newborn baby Grey Williams in the hospital in Tulsa.
  • Starting a new job at St. Joseph's children's home.
  • Quickly learned that I am not Mary Poppins and I have little to nothing to offer to abused/traumatized kids, but God is faithful to equip when he calls.
  • Quitting the coffee shop after 6 months of caffeinated merriment.
  • A fancy-pants date to Proof on Main with my husby.
  • After months of praying and searching and living in 500 square feet, God provided a little blue house on the happiest of streets.
  • Finished my 2nd half marathon; which by my reasoning equals a full marathon.. with a little 4year break in the middle.
  • Pneumonia, food poisoning, kidney infection, flu, and an untimely upper respiratory infection on her honeymoon. note to self: get a better immune system.
  • First thanksgiving together; my parents came to visit/cook/do slave labor.
  • Another 2,500 miles of driving fun in December to celebrate Christmas with our families and take photos for a dear friends wedding in Dallas.
  • First Christmas together, establishing our own family traditions was simply wonderful.
  • Surprise visit to see my grandparents in Florida, making both of them cry tears of joy=winning!

Reflecting on 2011 sends my heart on an emotional roller coaster. It was packed with change, challenges, lots of growth, lots of joy and lots of tears and lots of learning and relearning God's faithfulness and steadfast love.
Might I add that I sincerely hope that God in His sovereignty decided before laying the foundations of the world that 2012 would be little less intense, yet equally as happy.
Whew. 2011...

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