Wednesday, January 4, 2012

at about 4am monday morning, my hubs head-butted me in the shoulder blade. After obviously getting my attention, he pointed to my phone that was lighting up. I had a missed call from my dad. thats when i knew something was wrong. i called him back immediately, assuming it was something wrong with my mom. he answered and told me they were up at the hospital because my brother had been shot in the face.
he reassured me that it was not life threatening. Of course, my first thought was "guns kill people dad! how is this not life threatening?" he told me he was in the emergency room, waiting to go into surgery to get the bullet out. I went back to sleep assuming that my dad was completely sugar coating this situation, sad that we don't live closer to our families, and really just confused about reality.
as the story unfolded over the next few days, i realized that the situation was not sugar coated at all. The whole thing, from beginning to end, was covered in God's crazy divine protection! my brother works as a county deputy, and got a call about domestic dispute; a man was attempting to kill his wife. The wife had escaped and called the police. The gunman was barricaded inside. When my bro went in to get him, the gunman fired a shotgun. He missed and fired a pistol. The pistol, aimed directly at my brother, went through a pillow, two picture frames, hit a table and stuck in his chin. had the gun been raised only two-inches it would have been a direct hit.

God is active! "he who keeps you will not slumber" psalm 121:3
It has been so encouraging to hear stories about prayer warriors all over the state of oklahoma covering my brother in prayer. "what is man, what you are mindful of him?" psalm 8:4

I am so thankful that God- in his sovereignty- not only ordained all of this to happen for His glory, but actively sustained my brother, slowing down the bullet at His command.

i am thankful.

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