Monday, June 27, 2011

May musings.

Things I learned in China:
-the preciousness of the Word.
While our team was worshipping together one night, one of the locals told us he had been given a copy of 'material' about this Jesus but he couldn't read it because he can't read Mandarin and doesn't have a written language. The bible translator who was with us told us this man's dialect was the last on the translation list, at least nine other dialects immediately ahead of his people group. I have at least three translations of the Word sitting on the bookshelf behind me. Access to a copy of scripture is just one of many many obstacles God is overcoming in the Himalayan foothills.
-the goodness of Christian community.
Along with not having copies of scriptures, many Christians in these little villages live miles from another believer and thus have no spiritual community. How often do I complain about style of worship at a certain church or how i didn't like the sermon or even the carpet? How many times do I ignore my sisters in Christ who want to meet for coffee and encouragement? This one is still a gut check for me.
-the frailty of anything but Christ.
I had a dream soon after getting back from China about Christ returning. In my dream I was hugging Jay and telling him "my true spouse is coming back for me" but I was sad because Jay and I didn't get to be a picture of Christ and the church very long.
This dream hit me right between the eyes. I spent a lot of May trying to balance my trust in our marriage and my trust in Christ. In reality, Christ is the only rock. Even good gifts he has given me, like a great husband, don't last past death or Jesus' return. It took me a while, but God finally taught me (and will probably teach me repetitively for the next 80 years) that marriage, like the approval of people or success in a job or a having a child, is a terrible hope. Marriage didn't concur death, Christ did.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

a brief synopsis.

Since getting hitched on very, very happy and sunny day in April, Jay and I have had quite the adventure..

Jay planned a SURPRISE honeymoon to Inverness, California, population 850. 2hrs north of San Francisco on the beautiful coastline with dropoff cliffs, seals and elk, ginormous trees, old lighthouses, and organic hippie heaven!

We spent the rest of April in our new lil home here in Louisville Kentucky while Jay finished up the rest of the seminary semester and I went job hunting.. (the Provider ended up giving me two jobs!)

EPIC ROAD TRIP:During the month of May, we drove a total of 4000 miles, as well as a plane ride half way around the world and back. Thank the Lord we both like adventure (and I like a good dose ofchaos every once in a while)

Kentucky to Oklahoma for Jessica, one of my college roommate's, wedding:

Oklahoma to Mississippi for newlywed reception (which was a HUGEblessing)/ meeting up with the team to travel to China


Mississippi to Himalayan Mountains:

West China back to Mississippi:

Mississippi to Paris, Tx to stay with Jay’s uncle for a night:

Paris, Texas to Borger, Texas for pretty Anna's beautiful wedding:

Borger, Texas to Tulsa for a pit stop:

Tulsa (through tornado-demolished Joplin) to Louisville:

Followed by a weekend in Ohio for my Papa's 90th birthday, (He is the most Christ-like man I know, besides my husband).

And a short weekend trip to Indianapolis to see the Mother-in-law who was there for a conference:

In the midst of all the hustle and bustle, God taught, rebuked, redirected, called me out, admonished, encouraged, and sustained me a lot. I will have to share some of my musings now that life is somewhat in a rhythm here at our lil homestead..

until then,