Monday, October 24, 2011

just going to put this out there..

the best way to procrastinate writing a 15 pager.. write a blog post.

Yesterday when I was running through the park, I saw a man and woman walking, hand-in-hand, picking up fall foliage as they strolled along. My first thought upon seeing this couple was not admiration, butterflies and sweet things- although it should have been. My first thought was "wow, she is wearing a burka." As I ran and scattered, sweaty thoughts poured out my head, I thought how oppressive it must be to have to wear that all the time. --women's lib!
Liberation is what I want as a woman right? But how many Christian women would be entirely envious of the burka-wearing woman who was being adored by her husband on a nice sunday afternoon walk?
Consequently my 15 pager, which is moving along at the pace of a turtle, is about 1 Corinthians 11:2-16 about...drum roll..: head coverings!
So far, I think Paul's point is that although we are not under the Mosaic Law, we should be very concerned for the holiness that God requires of us. While head coverings were culturally specific, Paul is urging the reader to be set apart. [Cover your head with the holiness]. Not praying like pagans, or floozy women. But rather reflecting Christ in submission.

For me, being the Beloved of the Almighty> liberation.
Belonging to the Lord>independence.

That's all.

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