Tuesday, August 9, 2011

life. with a lil dose of humility please.

So I’ve been following the bible-in-a-year study plan for about two weeks now and what I’ve learned is how much I really don’t know.

The story of Samson for example... I remember the storybook bible when I was little and thinking it was really cool that he could smash palaces with his bare hands (Boomer and I would walk around pushing pillars and grunting. It never worked.) But what significance does this guy have in the whole redemption story?

[whew, thank God for the commentary in the ESV study bible]

I’ll admit that I have a tough time getting motivated to read the Word most days. I’ve tried to follow this reading plan probably 80 times in my life and stopped after about the 3rd day. But this time, by God’s gracious intervention in my life, has changed my usual ADHD wandering brain to be excited about the Word.

And now that I posted this to blogworld, (sighhhh) I am even more accountable to keep reading. I feel pretty lame that I have boasted in the Word in its entirety without ever having read all of it. not that it's validity depends on me reading it, but you know what i mean...

On a much different, but still relatively similar note: Two weeks ago I decided I’d my sign myself up for a triathlon. What I didn’t pay much attention to was that it was only a week away. I thought, “well, I can run and swim, how hard can biking be?” One kidney infection later, I realize I am not superman, and this, in fact, was one of the dumber ideas I’ve ever had.

So this week I realized: I am not superman, nor a super christian, nor a great communicator (and often come off greatly offensive). I also learned that God is gracious and in control of not only where I am on the map (which I grumble against daily), but also of my heart. And finally I realized, that no day is wasted in God's plan to mold me. #hope.

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