Friday, July 1, 2011

perfect day

I visited chicago several times in high school, and once with my best friend Melissa, and once visiting colleges. But i've always dreamed of frolicking in that beautiful, bustling city with the love of my life.

Jay and I's oh-so-happy day in Chicago!

-We started the day by biking our way along Michigan Ave (Taking bikes is a GENIUS idea! )
-Stopped for breakfast at Caribou Coffee, a personal fav.
-Took pictures in the magical bean.
-Stopped in some stores on the Mile. Including the massive Apple mall, Urban Outfitters, and H&M. and can i just add that my husband is an excellent shopping buddy to have. he's so good at knowing which colors and styles and being patient with my indecisiveness.
-Lunch at Giordano's Pizza (which took three hours last time i was there, took a whopping 30 minutes!)
-Visited Moody Bible's museum of missionary martyrs. They had the organ of Philip Bliss- composer of "It is well with my soul" and "Hallelujuah what a savior", who died in a train wreck with his wife. incredible.
-Had Ghirardelli ice cream by the old water tower.
-Played on the Oak Street Beach, entertained a lady with our couple cheerleading skills.
-Road bikes along the waterfront to Navy Pier.
-Dinner at a hippie Thai Restaurant. The seats were holes in the fake astroturf ground. so cool.
-BOAT on LAKE MICHIGAN! with a beautiful sunset and fireworks and old people with old school music. We heard an old lady whisper "they must be on their honeymoon, they look so in love" yessss, after three months we still got it! The best date ever.
-finished off with Ghirardelli hot chocolate and a fun bike ride back down the avenue.

=perfect day.

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