Saturday, July 9, 2011


I am currently watching "Okie Noodling" on OETA. The winner gets a box of bud light.
There is nothing better than men with mullets being interviewed with dip oozing out of their mouth about the giant fish they wrangled that day and the barbecue they ate afterwards.

I miss Oklahoma.

Early this week I watched an entire infomercial about shoe inserts because it was filmed on the riverwalk in Tulsa. And later that same day I got more offended than I should have when a certain someone told me to "go back to Kansas".

I never thought I'd be so proud of that flat, hot, and often helplessly boring state.

A man came into the coffee shop this week and immediately asked me where I was from. Since when do i not fit in? my response, "how'd you know I wasn't from here?" man: "I could just tell. I was going to guess north Texas.." Sighhhhhhh.... these city folk...


  1. hopelessly boring. not for Sarah Keywood. i think this is why God made you so creative. he knew how OK would he put you there, to get your creative juices flowing.

  2. I hope it wasn't me that offended you when I said Kansas :C