Saturday, July 16, 2011

Because Saturday is Crafturday.

I am addicted to ap. Consequently, I am now addicted to crafting. Here are somethings I made today:

Adventure Map:

Check this link for a helpful lil stencil. I added a painted circular piece of cork board in the corner to show the places in the world where we've traveled together. so happy! but warning: this project took wayyy longer than I expected. give yourself two to three hours and about $10.

Clothesline frame:

SO simple. Took maybe 3 minutes to assemble. I found the frame at an estate sale last summer in Tulsa (side note: estate sales really creep me out for some reason) and the wire cost about $2-3 dollars.

As a result of this crafting chaos, i spilt the contents of my life, but in the midst of it, I found Jesus [the pencil topper]

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