Friday, February 15, 2013


my sister-in-law sent me this video and said "this is you and Jay in 50 years."
i can only hope that he would be so sweet as to brush my teeth for me...

Thursday, January 17, 2013


{I stole this blog post idea from Melissa.}

Things on My Nightstand. 
Mug- made by the talented Leah Jordan, where my Chapstick, earring backs and other small objects reside.
Photo of me and Jay at our happiest- This photo was taken at my brother's wedding last summer. This photo warms my soul.
Stack O' Books- One of my new years goals is to read more. By keeping all of these books on my nightstand I am convincing myself that I read SO much and I am so so intelligent, (very similar to my tactics of putting an NPR sticker on my car).
Bible- I am ashamedly still in the middle of March..of last year.. in my yearly bible reading. BUT Jesus loves me and I am fully accepted regardless of how little I read. Not an excuse for my lack of discipline though.
A Sweet and Bitter Providence by John Piper- It's about the book of Ruth. In the past when I've read Johnny Pipe, I get the point after the third chapter and decide that I have nothing more to learn. This book is short but I wanted it to keep going. I thought "Come on Johnny Boy, You've got more than that! Tell me more about Ruth!" (That's right, I've already finished it but it remains on my nightstand to make me feel more educated.) I had never thought about the book of Ruth in light of God planning Naomi's sons to die so that He could bring glory to Himself through Boaz and Ruth--the great great great great.... grandparents of Jesus!  Cra-cra.
A Framework For Understanding Poverty by Ruby Payne- Both my friend Tony and my mom gave me this book when I was working with low-income families in college and WAY over my head. When I started writing my application for grad school I couldn't find either copy anywhere! so I stalked down this book and drove 30 miles to pick it up from a half-price books. This lady has AH-mazing insight to the worldview shared by much of the low-income community. definitely recommend this.
Outside Magazine- a magazine for people who love nature but don't know what to do with it. I like perusing the overpriced climbing gear and survival stories while I'm safe in my bed.
A Child Called It- i know, i know.. everybody and their mom has read this book. This is like the equivalent of having 'Chicken Soup for the Soul' on my nightstand, but in my defense I haven't read it yet. I'll let you know.
Far From the Tree by Andrew Solomon- I originally saw the author on  Rock Center with Brian Williams. Despite disagreeing with the author's lifestyle, I knew that I wanted to read the book and see what this man has learned from some intense, heart-wrenching research. Jay's [very conservative] grandma bought it for me for Christmas. If she would have known some of it's content, I'm sure she would have not given it a dime. But I'm so glad she did. I'm on page 27 of 976 and it is incredible. I have to re-read every sentence twice because it is chalked full of deep insight. Definitely recommend!

So there it is. 
thanks for allowing myself to feel really educated for a minute. 
the end.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

puerto rico.

we are going.
with my parents.
in march.

i just peed my pants.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Trees don't need sweaters.

The trees in Louisville are absolutely gorgeous this year. Yellow, orange, brown and red leaves make the streets look like the are covered in confetti.

I was thinking the other day about how much I LOVE the changing of seasons.
I love the chaos that even the slightest hint of cool air brings. People pulling out sweaters, scarfs, and boots when its 75 degrees---I am one of those people. and then I get equally excited when it gets warm again and I dream of eating snowcones and sitting by a pool.

But I don't think God made seasons just so I wouldn't get bored with the weather. I think God made seasons (and trees) to mimic people. Dynamic, ever changing people.
I feel a lot of hope when I look at a tree losing its leafs. I am hopeful for the season ahead.
But the tree, on the other hand, is probably less than excited for the season ahead where it sits looking dead for 3 months until life comes back into its little tree arms.

Donald Miller tweeted on Oct 16th: "All of the trees are losing their leaves, and not one of them is worried."

So true.

God, in all His genius, designed trees to grow, shed all of its growth, look dead, and then regrow.
Trees trust the Creator that He will restore life, even when things look bleak and dull.

I find hope in this when I read the story of an abused child. The story look like a dead tree with no spring in sight.
I pray that I can learn to trust the Creator with as much faith as a tree.